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Introducing New Zealand King Long Bus & Coach Ltd.

New Zealand King Long Bus & Coach Ltd was formed in 2006 as the exclusive agent here. Through extensive and ongoing discussions with King Long in China about the engineering and market requirements of the buses, they have been customized for New Zealand conditions by Kiwi engineers. Over the years, these vehicles have been closely monitored as to their performance and style and improvements continuously made.

Initially the Chinese model XMQ6886 (8.86m) was imported and then improvements led to the manufacturing of the XMQ6996K King Long 10 metre 41 seater luxury coach for New Zealand employing technologies from around the world such as Cummins engine from UK, ZF from Germany, and Wabco from the US. The first of the 10m model have been on the road in New Zealand since 2007 and earned themselves an reputation for reliability.

The XMQ6886 was upgraded to the XMQ6900 9m 35 seater in 2013 and the XMQ6130 13m tag axle 51 seater (or 49 seater with toilet 5 star specification) joined the line up the following year.

In 2017 the XMQ6110 11m 2 door 45 seater was introduced and became an instant hit with drivers through achieving a balanced weight distribution for driving comfort and with passengers from the ease and speed of disembarking and getting on-board that was available with the second door. Additionally the more powerful engine and air conditioner were rated highly along with the new hydraulic fan and suspension.

A single door budget 11m school bus variant was also introduced in 2017 that could also be used for charter work.

Additionally, the XMQ6900 was superseded in 2017 by the XMQ6911 which is already sold in Australia and Europe, bringing NZ into line with the latest international model.

Look out for more new models coming soon.

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New Zealand King Long Bus & Coach Ltd

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